We perform maintenace on vans and truck boxes. We can happily replace as little as a door seal and as much as a whole wall or ceiling of a truck box. We are able to offer a fast, high quality and professional repair service due to experienced staff and the availability of necessary materials for the repairs on site.

List of services:

door repair (replacement of seals, locks, hinges)
rear door construction for vans and curtainsider trailers
side construction for vans
construction of side barriers, wheel carriers, etc.
repair or replacement of floors, walls and roofs of vans and box bodies
installation of load securing devices
installation of mudguards
miscellaneous electrical work (excluding faults in the car's electrical system)
miscellaneous welding (including stainless and aluminum welding)
We also offer the conversion of vans and trucks and provide useful advice on superstructure repairs.

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